Deciding on the Right Shower for a New Bathroom

When redesigning a bathroom there are several different choices in which to make. From the color scheme, the types of tiles, the type of vanity, bathtub and of course shower. Some of us may think a show is just a simple basic thing, not necessarily showers actually come in various types, and in a redesign, you want to make sure you are getting the right one for you. There are three different types of shower enclosures, there is the framed shower, the semi-frameless shower, and the seamless frameless shower. But before plunging in and looking for any type of Frameless Shower Enclosure Services el segundo ca let’s look at each of the shower options more carefully to see if this one is really right for you before hiring any contractor to handle the job.

The Frameless Shower, Its Pros, and Cons

A frameless shower is an ideal option to allow the tile of the bathroom to be seamlessly displayed throughout the room. The entire show is comprised of heavy-duty tempered glass and has very little metal involved in creating it while using metal hinges and fasteners strategically in the design to hold the structure together. The end result is a nice clean overall look. The drawbacks of a frameless shower are that it can be costly to install and, in some cases, may not be the practical alternative for the bathroom being remodeled.

The Sem-Frameless Shower Option

A good midway point for someone who wants the look of a frameless shower but can’t afford the expense. The semi-frameless shower still offers a clean view but has a bit more metal framing involved holding together the structure. In fact, the entire frame except for the door is framed with steel. This type of shower is more cost effective because it doesn’t require the same heavy-duty glass as the frameless version.

The Framed Shower Enclosure

This is the cheapest of three and yet still has an attractive look all its own. This type of shower has metal framing throughout the entire design. It does still provide plenty of view of the tile and overall look of the bathroom itself, just not as seamless an appearance as the frameless shower gives. The advantage though is that this one using glass that is not a temper resistant because it is all framed by metal. Which of course means it will be a more economical alternative.

So, which shower enclosure is the best? That is a question that everyone has to make for themselves when redesigning a bathroom. The best course of action is to discuss the overall plans with the designer and contractor. Get an estimate of what the job will come to and see which one is in the budget. Keep in mind though that as in any remodel hidden problems could arise that will have to address so always try to keep these in mind when estimating which shower you want to go with. Any of these options will certainly add to any customized bathroom remodel.