The Importance of Renting an Excavator

Construction companies will often get a job that requires the use of heavy equipment. When having to dig large areas an excavator can be very useful. We also use excavators on job sites where hauling large pieces of material are being moved. They use excavators for the following;

1. Utility work
2. Mining
3. Landscaping
4. Paving

Many of the larger construction companies will already own an excavator. Smaller construction companies will not. So, what do they do when they need an excavator? The answer is very simple. They can rent one.

An excavator rental bridgeview il is relatively simple. There are several rental companies that the construction company can use. Prior to renting an excavator there are things that the construction company should know.

The first thing they need to know is which excavator is the right one. The right one depends on the job site. The swing radius and the size of the excavator also depends on the work site at which they will use it. You want one with the smallest swing radius possible. This is to keep the operator from having to worry about working in a confined space. It should also have the largest base possible. This is, so it has better stability.

When deciding to rent or buy the cost of an excavator should be taken into consideration. Mid-sized excavators can be rented for three thousand dollars up to six thousand dollars a month. Weekly rates average from one thousand to two thousand dollars a week. Daily rates average three hundred dollars to six hundred dollars a day. The amount of time it will be used should also be considered.

If you do not use an excavator that often owning one would mean that it would sit idle for months at a time. Sitting idle means, it is wasting money. If it breaks down, you are not responsible for repairing it. Repairs could run into a lot of money. For a machine you do not use often the repairs could deplete the construction company’s profit. If you rent an excavator, you can send it back when it is not being used therefore saving you money in the long run. If it breaks down, you do not have to pay for the repairs. The beauty of it is you can call the rental company tell them that the machine has broken down they will bring you another one immediately. No time lost while the machine is broken down and being repaired.

Before a company can rent an excavator, there are things that they will have to show the rental company. The rental company will require proof that the person who will operate the excavator will the proper training. They do not want someone with no training operating this machine as it could cause damage to the machine or cause hurt to someone else on the job site. The rental company will be the one that transports the machine so the construction company will not have to have someone with a commercial driver’s license.